“This human form of life is a chance to be trained to be agreeable to the orders of the Supreme Lord. To bring about this training in society is the mission of the Krsna consciousness movement.“ -(SB 4.12.22 purp.)

Due to the flexible and customizable nature of these types of workshops, we do not have a rigid schedule of specific seminars for certain dates.  Currently there are a few options for those devotees who are interested in our project.  Please click the options below for more detailed information.


Weekend Retreats

In our weekend retreats, we will focus on a specific aspect of Bhakti that will be determined after a short assessment of the attendees’ spiritual progress and aspirations.  We will provide the attendees with both philosophical and practical understanding as well as exercises which one can do at home after the retreat to further progress in that aspect of their spiritual practice.

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Our Bhakti immersion workshop is an intensive three-month course that is taylor made for each group of attendees depending on their specific natures, proclivities and levels of understanding.  Participants of this course will be required to fully comply to the strict rules and regulations for the entire duration of the course in order to insure maximum spiritual benefit.

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Internship Program

Our internship program spans four to five months, and offers the best of the weekend retreat and Bhakti Immersion Workshop options, plus extra experience with the horticultural and natural building aspects of our project.

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