Weekend Retreats


In our weekend retreats, we will focus on a specific aspect of Bhakti that will be determined after a short assessment of the attendees’ spiritual progress and aspirations.  We will provide the attendees with both philosophical and practical understanding as well as exercises which one can do at home after the retreat to further progress in that aspect of their spiritual practice.

The weekend retreats are designed for those who have little free time, but are passionate about enhancing their Bhakti.

From understanding and engaging our conditioned natures, to enhancing our japa meditation, to learning how to see the Supreme Lord in our daily interactions, to developing personal loving relationships with the Vaisnavas and Sri Krsna, these retreats will give practical exercises to help us become more dynamic in our devotional practice.

During these retreats, there will also be regular kirtans and different relevant recreational activities.

These weekend retreats are open to everyone and can be scheduled any time between April and August.  Please email BhagavatCommune@gmail.com to schedule a weekend retreat.

If you would like to get a better idea of our mood and overall focus, please visit our “forever endeavor” blog and read some of our entries.

To keep in line with Vedic culture and customs, we do not charge fees for any or our retreats, workshops or seminars, but we do humbly accept whatever donation is given to us as gratitude.