Internship Program


Our internship program spans four to five months, and offers the best of the weekend retreat and Bhakti Immersion Workshop options, plus extra experience with the horticultural and natural building aspects of our project.

This program is more suited to those who have plenty of time and who just want to focus on developing their Krsna consciousness in a sattvic environment.

The Internship Program is currently open to men only, and is available from April to August*.  Please email for more information about the Internship Program.

If you would like to get a better idea of our mood and overall focus, please visit our “forever endeavor” blog and read some of our entries.

To keep in line with Vedic culture and customs, we do not charge fees for any or our retreats, workshops or seminars, but we do humbly accept whatever donation is given to us as gratitude.

*  We hope, in the near future, to be able to offer this type of internship to women as well.  Said internships will become available as soon as a senior Vaisnavi with a similar mood is available to come to our facility for such a duration of time.  In the mean time, if you are looking for this type of training, please feel free to email us so that we can suggest an acceptable alternative for you.