Bhakti Immersion Workshops


Our Bhakti immersion workshop is an intensive three-month course that is taylor made for each group of attendees depending on their specific natures, proclivities and levels of understanding.  Participants of this course will be required to fully comply to the strict rules and regulations for the entire duration of the course in order to insure maximum spiritual benefit.

This workshop is designed for those who can take a few months out of their busy schedules to receive valuable training and cultural development in order to make their devotional practice more dynamic.

Participants of this workshop will fully immerse themselves into the culture of Bhakti for three months with minimal outside distractions.  We will follow a schedule that is designed to keep our minds and senses engaged in the process of Bhakti throughout the day.  Each day will begin with a standard ISKCON morning program including Srimad Bhagavatam class, and the rest of the day will be filled with activities designed to increase our faith and devotion to Sri Hari.

Because these workshops are designed to show the practical application of many aspects of Bhakti, there will also be many hands-on activities such as growing, harvesting and cooking food for Krsna, and building simple shelters and other essential items out of natural raw materials.  These activities not only help us follow the “simple living and high thinking” principle, but they also help us understand that everything we need is provided by Krsna and not by the modern commerce-driven template.

Since these workshops are taylor made based on the level of understanding and previous training of the participants, the details of the workshops will vary, so please email us to find out how such a workshop would be personalized around your specific needs.

The Bhakti Immersion Workshops are currently open to men only, unless there is a big enough group of mixed gender participants*.  These workshops can be scheduled any time between April and August.  Please email to schedule a Bhakti Immersion Workshop.

If you would like to get a better idea of our mood and overall focus, please visit our “forever endeavor” blog and read some of our entries.

To keep in line with Vedic culture and customs, we do not charge fees for any or our retreats, workshops or seminars, but we do humbly accept whatever donation is given to us as gratitude.

*  We hope, in the near future, to be able to offer these workshops to women as well.  Said workshops will become available as soon as a senior Vaisnavi with a similar mood is available to come to our facility for such a duration of time.  In the mean time, if you are looking for this type of training, please feel free to email us so that we can suggest an acceptable alternative for you.